Holistic Relaxation Massage Courses

All year round
10 hours course : 475€
Couple 750€

During the first hour you will receive the Holistic Relaxation Massage that you will be learning during the course.


We also offer worshops and individual sessions

“Re-Centering and Creativity”

Through learning and understanding simple and yet powerful techniques

you can  transform your life, release your creative potential

and re-discover the universe of sensation.

To first feel, then to reflect, and after to act according to your feelings.

Learn to have confidence in your sensations in order to direct your life towards the realization of your true goals

(The goals that really correspond to you! Not those influenced by others and what they would like to impose on you)

Experience the power to dis-create feelings, thoughts, beliefs and situations that no longer serve you in order to create your Preference in all aspects and realms of your being…


Info on request

00 33 2 98 27 83 57 or 00 33 6 20 30 77 39